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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014 Sketches

Here are some doodles from my sketchbook I made during this month:

R.I.P Gustavo Cerati sketch by IAMO

"Recuerdo el mar soñe estar aquí y no recuerdo despertar" 
R.I.P. Gustavo Cerati 

"Nerdmigos: Welcome To Nerdonia" portrait sketch

Nerdmigos Star Wars v Star Trek panel sketch by IAMO

"Nerdmigos: Star Wars v Star Trek" panel sketch

Nerdmigos Star Wars v Star Trek panel sketch by IAMO

"Nerdmigos: Star Wars v Star Trek" panel sketch

Groot Guardians of the Galaxy pencil sketch by IAMO

"I am Groot" -Groot

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Meet Me At AlmibArte 2014!

Almibarte 2014 Art and Goodies for Snobs and Foodies

It is my pleasure to announce that I will be at AlmibArte 2014 as a guest artist on October 4 in Tijuana, Baja California.

AlmibArte  is a small art show created as an alternative to the current trend of big mainstream art shows in Tijuana and will take place at Almibar Postres Etc.

I will be sharing the exhibit area with:
Among other cool creative cats.

If you're in the Tijuana area on October 4, be sure to stop by and say hi and enjoy some cool artwork along with Almibar's signature desserts.

RSVP on the Facebook event page!



Es un placer anunciar que voy a estar en AlmibArte 2014 como artista invitado, el 4 de octubre en Tijuana, Baja California.

AlmibArte es una pequeña expo de arte creada como alternativa a la tendencia actual de los grandes eventos culturales en Tijuana y se llevará a cabo en Almibar Postres Etc.

Estaré compartiendo el área de exposición con:
Entre otros creativos.

Si estás en el área de Tijuana el 4 de octubre, pasa a AlmibArte a saludar y disfrutar de obras artísticas muy suaves, junto con los distintivos postres de Almibar.



Saturday, September 20, 2014

The X-Files: Mulder and Scully

The X-Files Mulder and Scully by IAMO

Here's a tribute to one of my favorite TV shows from the 90's: "The X-Files", featuring FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

Get a free download of this fan art at deviantART!

Whenever I think about "The X-Files", I can't help but remember the 1997 "The Simpsons" episode, "The Springfield Files" because agents Mulder & Scully showed up as guest stars, but also because 'Star Wars' (my favorite movie of all time) and Pearl Jam (my favorite band of all time) are referenced.  

That was three of my favorite things referenced in one single "The Simpsons" episode!!! Isn't that awesome?

Well, I thought is was awesome.

(You're no fun).

Oh, here's another "X-Files" reference I remember from an episode of "Eek! The Cat" where Mulder & Scully:

Does anyone remember that? :)


What's your favorite "The X-Files" episode?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Top 10 Most Popular Nerdmigos Comics of All Time

My webcomic "Nerdmigos" turns 5 years old today!!! It's always a lot of fun to make and it feels good to know that it is still getting new readers after all this time.

If you are new to the world of Nerdonia or have been following the comic for some time and are wondering what are the greatest hits, I put together this list with the 10 most popular "Nerdmigos" comic strips in the last 5 years (based on pageviews).

This list should give you a pretty good idea of what "Nerdmigos" is all about.

Here's the countdown! Enjoy and thanks for reading!!!

10. "Drinking Game" (October 1, 2010)

Lerms and Señor Maquino engage on a drinking game while watching Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight'.

9. "Unplugged" (June 27, 2014)

Get ready to rock! Luisma shows Soria how to play a new music game on his computer.

8. "Hater Slap" (September 21, 2012) 

Find out what happens when you take a real hater comment and a real fan compliment and put them together in a comic!

7. "Rock Star" (October 28, 2011)

Gelipe dresses up as a rock star for Halloween and hilarity ensues when he decides to go solo (with his solo band, maybe).

6. "The Line Ends Here" (July 20, 2012)

Roy and Erick find out that one does not simply walk into Comic-Con International.

5. "Nerdsgivin' Memories" (November 23, 2012)

Good times! It's Nerdsgiving in Nerdonia. Here are some snapshots from this official Nerdonian holiday.

4. "Reverence" (July 2, 2010) 

That time Señor Maquino met illustrator J. Scott Campbell at Comic-Con.

3. "Anatomy" (September 3, 2010)

Studying anatomy to draw the female body takes a new meaning when Ben pulls a “Dumb & Dumber” at the Foxy Lady massage parlor in Nerdonia.

2. "The Dragging Dead" (October 26, 2012)

Soria and Luisma show us how to survive the zombie apocalypse in Nerdonia! Story by Insaneo.

1. "What a Lovely Tea Party" (May 25, 2012)

Gelipe, Ben, Lerms, and Señor Maquino die a horrible bloody death during their gossip party and it's up to Isma and Insaneo to honor the fallen Nerdmigos. Story by Edgar Allen Joe.

What is your favorite "Nerdmigos" comic?

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