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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm in's Fan Art Museum!

I'm happy to say that the Star Wars fan art I made last month (Jar Jar Binks vs. Darth Maul and Ann & Tann Gella) has been getting more attention. I recently found out that it's going to be published in the next issue of Bantha Tracks in Star Wars Insider Magazine, and now it has been included in the's Fan Art Museum. Click here.

I would like to publicly thank Steve, TFN Fan Art Museum Curator, for his consideration.

Check out their Fan Art Museum here.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Etiología" ("Etiology") Short Film

Check out my friend Roy Calderon's short film "Etiología" ("Etiology") where I did some DP work (Note to my brother Hiram: In film jargon, "DP" stands for "Director of Photography", not "Double Penetration"). The guys at Filmaka had to cut the end credits due to time restrictions.

Vean el cortometraje de mi amigo Roy Calderón, "Etiología", en el que trabajé como director de fotografía. La gente de Filmaka tuvo que cortar los créditos del final debido a restricciones de tiempo.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ghost From The Past

Oh, man.  How I hated junior high school.

Check this out, a guy (let's call him "Rolando El Rabioso") sent me this message through Facebook:

"Rolando El Rabioso wrote:
June 19 at 10:14pm
hey, this may be a bit weird but did you go to Sec. Tec. # 29 around 20 years ago? I'm just trying to find old friends from school.

Ismael Alejandro Moreno Ozuna wrote:
Today at 8:53am
Oh yeah, and weren’t you that f**king asshole who used to punch people in the face every time he got mad, and even though he said he was my friend he used to criticize every f**king thing that I did, or did not do, and talk shit about me behind my back, and even after I put up with that shit he stopped talking to me for no apparent reason and continued to talk s**t about me and call me names? Yeah, unfortunately I remember you. You won’t find a friend here. F**k off!

Rolando El Rabioso wrote:
Today at 9:01am
ja then I dare you to say it to my face pendejo. I DARE YOU THEN

Rolando El Rabioso wrote:
Today at 9:04am
things are in the past and I do apologize. We were kids and unfortunately things happen."

Hahaha…. Yeah, yeah, yeah… he’s very sorry… For the record, when we were in junior high, the rest of us were 12-15 years old and this guy was 15-18… hardly a kid.

If I have learned something over the years is that bullies (and/or back stabbers, in this case) are the most sensitive kind of people in the world… if you get back at them, one of two things can happen… either you make them cry like a little girl with a skinned knee… or they will get back at you times 3… so, it’s better to stay away from this kind of people.

How about you guys? Do you have any war stories from junior high school that we could turn into a comic book or short film? :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

You're in Bantha Tracks!‏


This is one of the nicest messages I have received in a while…

I recently made some Star Wars fan art, "Jar Jar Binks vs. Darth Maul" and "Ann & Tann Gella." Last night I got this e-mail:

"We’ve just finished the edit of the upcoming Insider magazine, and I’m pleased to tell you that your submission will be in the upcoming Bantha Tracks issue #42, due out on newsstands and in your subscriber mailbox soon!

Thank you for submitting your contributions to Bantha Tracks. You truly make it “By the Fans. For the Fans.”

Mary Franklin
Senior Events Lead
Editor, Bantha Tracks
Lucasfilm Ltd."

So, I guess at least one of my drawings will be published.

I would like to publicly thank Bantha Tracks, Star Wars Insider Magazine, Hyperspace (The Official Star Wars Fan Club), and for their kind attention.

This is so cool!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chuper Héroes

Last month I drew these drunken heroes of the internet viral videos just for fun:

El mes pasado dibujé a estos héroes borrachos de los videos virales de internet sólo para divertirme:

Chuper Héroes #1: El Hijo del Papá, Presidente de la CANACA (Central de Abastos de la republiCA mexicaNA). Video.

Chuper Héroes #2: El douchebag del "Tengo Miedo!" Video.

Chuper Héroes #3: Dulce Sarahi Garza Villarreal. No chocó, la chocaron. Video 1. Video 2.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


My dad, Mario Ismael Moreno Gil, painted a lot during the sixties and seventies in Sonora. He was one of the founding teachers of the Casa de la Cultura de Tijuana (Tijuana’s House of Art, the city’s premier art school). During the eighties, he was part of the Círculo del Arte 15 (Circle of Art 15), a group of independent artists in Tijuana. In recent years, he has dedicated himself voluntarily to paint and maintain murals in an elementary school in the Mesa de Otay area as a graffiti rehabilitation alternative. You can say that he is one more of the "small worlds" of which Virgilio Muñoz talks about. Well, smaller even, since I imagine that those who were directly offended by the new CECUT (Tijuana’s main museum and cultural institution) director’s comments do not know my dad either, hahaha. This is a sample of his artwork.

More images here.

Mi papá, Mario Ismael Moreno Gil, pintó mucho durante los sesenta y setenta en Sonora. Fue uno de los maestros fundadores de la Casa de la Cultura de Tijuana. Durante los ochenta, fue integrante del Circulo del Arte 15, un colectivo de artistas independientes en Tijuana. Actualmente se ha dedicado voluntariamente a pintar y mantener murales en una escuela primaria de la Mesa de Otay como rehabilitación alternativa de graffiti. Se podría decir que es uno más de los “mundos pequeños” a los que se refiere Virgilio Muñoz. Bueno, más pequeño aun, porque me imagino que los que se ofendieron directamente por los comentarios del nuevo director del CECUT tampoco conocen a mi papá, jejeje. Esta es una muestra de su trabajo artístico.

Más imágenes aquí.

My dad made this logo for me when I was born. You can find my initials somewhere there.

Mi papá me hizo este logo cuando nací. Por ahí se pueden encontrar mis iniciales.

Monday, June 8, 2009

"Etiología" Shoot

This past weekend I did some DP work and other stuff on my friend Roy Calderon’s short film “Etiología.” All the people that participated were really cool cats and I had a great time. Here are some behind the scenes pics.

Este pasado fin de semana trabajé como director de fotografía y otras cosas en el cortometraje de mi amigo Roy Calderón, “Etiología”. Toda la gente que participó fue muy buena onda y me la pasé muy a gusto. Aquí están algunas fotos detrás de las escenas

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ann & Tann Gella. Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 10th Anniversary.

I just could not pass on the opportunity to draw the twins. This is based on an actual photo of models Nifa & Nishan Hindes, who played Ann & Tann in The Phantom Menace.

No pude dejar pasar la oportunidad de dibujar a las gemelas. Éste está basado en una foto real de las modelos Nifa & Nishan Hindes, quienes interpretaron a Ann & Tann en La amenaza fantasma.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pear Jam on "The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien"

I stayed up last night to watch Pearl Jam’s performance on the very first “The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien”. There were a couple of great surprises. First of all, it was confirmed that the new album is going to be called ‘Backspacer.’ I guess it’s related to Backspacer, the leatherback turtle that Pear Jam sponsored and that won the Great Turtle Race. Second, Conan showed some album artwork by cartoonist Tom Tomorrow and looks like it’s going to be great. And lastly, Pearl Jam played “Got Some,” a brand new song, and the guys rocked! Now, this is my favorite band of all time, so the only bad thing I can say is that the song still needs some polishing and the sound mix from the TV show was not very good, you could barely hear Ed’s vocals, and I am sure he could barely hear himself. But I am sure the recorded album version will sound great. I read that the new album will be released some time this fall, and that instead of a record company they are going to use several partners and outlets, including Target stores, independent record stores, and their fan club, the Ten Club. A new album release also means, a TOUR!!! Last time I saw them live was on summer 2006, so it’s been a while. Can’t wait to see them live again and listen to new PJ songs.

Me quedé despierto anoche para ver a Pearl Jam en el primer “The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien”. Hubo unas buenas sorpresas. En primer lugar, se confirmó que el nuevo álbum se va a llamar ‘Backspacer’. Supongo que tiene algo que ver con Backspacer, la tortuga laúd que Pearl Jam patrocinó y ganó la Gran Carrera de la Tortuga. En segundo lugar, Conan mostró parte de las ilustraciones del álbum del dibujante Tom Tomorrow y se ve que va a estar muy bien. Y por último, Pearl Jam interpretó “Got Some,” una canción nueva, ¡y los vatos rockearon! Ahora, ésta es mi banda favorita de todos los tiempos, así que lo único malo que puedo decir es que la canción todavía necesita una pulida y la mezcla de sonido del programa de TV no fue muy buena, apenas se podía oír la voz de Ed, y estoy seguro que él apenas podía oírse a sí mismo. Pero estoy seguro que la versión grabada del álbum sonará excelente. Leí que el nuevo álbum será lanzado por ahí en el otoño, y que en vez de una compañía discográfica van a utilizar a varios socios y puntos de venta, incluyendo tiendas Target, tiendas de discos independientes, y su club de fans, el Ten Club. Un lanzamiento de álbum nuevo también significa, una GIRA!!! La última vez que los vi en vivo fue en el verano de 2006, así que ha sido un rato. No puedo esperar para verlos tocar en vivo otra vez y escuchar nuevas canciones de PJ.