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Friday, August 29, 2014

First-ever Nerdmigos "Welcome To Nerdonia" Doodle Giveaway

My webcomic "Nerdmigos" turns 5 years old in September, and to celebrate, I'm giving away some doodle portraits!

I wanted to do something different this year.  So, this is my way of saying thanks for reading my silly webcomic all these years.

The giveaway is called “Welcome to Nerdonia” and anyone who wants to be part of the Nerdmigos universe can play.

Just send me an e-mail with your picture (for reference only, it will not be published) and with “Welcome to Nerdonia” on the subject).  Your doodles will be published on all Nerdmigos social media channels with #WelcomeToNerdonia.  Please go to for more details.

Again, thanks for reading “Nerdmigos” and see you in Nerdonia!


Mi webcomic "Nerdmigos" cumple 5 años en septiembre, y para celebrarlo, estoy regalando algunos retratos de caricatura! 

Quería hacer algo diferente este año. Asi que esta es mi manera de decir gracias por leer mi webcomic todos estos años. 

La dinámica "Bienvenidos a Nerdonia" y cualquier persona que quiera ser parte del universo  de Nerdmigos puede jugar. 

Sólo tienen que enviar un e-mail con su foto (sólo para referencia, no será publicado) y con "Bienvenidos a Nerdonia" en el asunto). Sus dibujos se publicarán en todos los canales de medios sociales de Nerdmigos con #WelcomeToNerdonia. Por favor, vayan a para más detalles.

Una vez más, gracias por leer "Nerdmigos" y nos vemos en Nerdonia! 


Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 2014 Sketches

Here are some doodles from my sketchbook I made during this month:

Captain America


Wonder Woman selfie sketch.

Wonder Woman

Nerdmigos Insaneo karaoke sketch.

Nerdmigos pissed off Jack sketch.

Candy dynamic pose test

Hand gesture sketch

Female action pose sketch.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Print N' Play Comic-Con 2014 Badge Set

Here's a gift for all you awesome people attending Comic-Con International 2014!!!  Just print these inserts and you can wear some of my fan art on your badge.  The inserts feature Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and Maleficent

Free download at deviantART!

I will be a guest at Sadhaka Studio's booth (Small Press P-12).  Be sure to stop by and as a token of gratitude for wearing these printed badge inserts, I will give you a free gift.

Cheers and have a great time at the Con!!!


Babs Tarr Cameron Stewart Batgirl Redesign Fan Art by IAMO

The internet exploded recently when Babs Tarr and +Cameron Stewart delivered a brand-new Batgirl redesign for +DC Entertainment.  

Their new design is so wonderful and cool, I just had to make my own doodle and join the party.  She was a lot of fun to draw and color.

Congratulations to Babs and Cameron for their awesome work!

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Fearless Zombie Hunters: Heads Will Roll

This illustration was made exclusively for Sadhaka Studio and it features Candy from their awesome indie comic, The Fearless Zombie Hunters.

The Fearless Zombie Hunters is a black comedy about a trio of zombie slayers led by Professor Abronsius, who is joined by the incompetent and disgraceful Angel, Son of El Angel, the greatest wrestler ever in Mexican history, and Candy, the sassy, sexy, feminine balance between those two complete opposites. The three of them try to rid the world of the coming zombie plague.

Sadhaka Studio invited me to join them at their Comic-Con International 2014 booth and we will have a limited of these prints available.  Be sure to stop by Small Press table P-12 and say hi.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Meet Me At Comic-Con 2014!!!

Big news! :D

I am so happy to announce that I will be at Comic-Con 2014!!!

Sadhaka Studio were kind enough to invite to their booth!!! If you have a chance, stop by Small Press table P-12 and say hi. It would be great to meet you!

Special and infinite thanks to Manuel Ríos Sarabia, creator of The Fearless Zombie Hunters and Rainbow Warriors comics for inviting me to join him at the Con.

I'll have some doodles and Nerdmigos stuff available at the booth.  E-mail me if you have any requests :)

Have a great time at Comic-Con and hope to see you there!



Friday, July 11, 2014

Harley Quinn

Bonita, pero loquita.

Here's a Harley Quinn doodle.  I don't think I've ever drawn Harley before.  But I love the character and I'm a big fan of "Batman: The Animated Series" where she was introduced.  So, anyway, here she is, in all her Mad Love psycho glory, Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, a.k.a. Harley Quinn.

Get a free download at deviantART!

Color My Harley Challenge!!!

Want to take a crack at coloring my Harley? I would love to see your version! Send it to and I'll publish it here at the end of the month :)  Click HERE to download the line art.



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